Oakwood Homes

Johnson Law represented homeowners against Oakwood Homes in Colorado construction defect cases, which included claims relating to concrete defects, stucco defects, framing defects, exterior and interior trim defects, siding defects, insulation defects, door defects, window defects, drywall defects, paint defects, carpet installation defects, tile defects, hardwood floor defects, plumbing defects, electrical defects, and other defects in our clients’ homes.

KB Homes

Johnson Law has represented homeowners against KB Homes for Colorado construction defect claims related to plumbing, insulation, grading and drainage, and personal injuries because of construction defects.

Richmond Homes

Johnson Law has represented homeowners against Richmond homes in Colorado construction defect claims of foundation defects, drywall cracks, siding defects, stucco defects, porch and patio defects, among other issues.

Toll Brothers Homes

Johnson Law has represented homeowners against Toll Brothers in Colorado construction defect claims of stucco defects, manufactured stone defects, deck defects, defective cabinetry, defective porches, damage to floors, defective window installation, defective waterproofing, and defective flashing, among other defects.

Colorado Fix & Flippers

A “Fix & Flipper” refers to an investor who purchases real estate at a discount price and improves the property in order to sell it at a higher price (or as Urban dictionary describes it “house flippers are people who buy a worn out or crappy-ass house, fix it up and sell it for more than they paid for it.”).

Johnson Law has represented homeowners against dozens of Colorado Fix & Flippers for construction defect claims including defective foundation work, defective roof installation, defective window installation, defective decks, unpermitted work, electrical defects, defective framing, and other structural defects in flipped homes.

Johnson Law’s highly experienced construction defect attorneys handle complex construction defect litigation all over Colorado. To schedule a free consultation regarding a construction defect issue, contact Johnson Law.