New Home Construction Dispute

On July 22, 2013, we met with Chad Johnson to discuss a situation whereby a contractor had substituted inferior quality windows for the windows specified in the contract. The contractor’s position was that the substituted windows were equal to those he had installed. Chad quickly confirmed our assertions. 

While we had come to an impasse in our communications with the building contractor, we discussed with Chad contacting the developer of the property, a person who we had a personal relationship with. Chad agreed that we should seek resolution with the developer before continuing on with legal steps. The developer quickly agreed with our position and the matter was resolved. 

In addition to the approximate one hour that we spend with Chad in his office, Chad reviewed the agreement that we had been presented with by the developer and made recommendations. Chad refused any payment for the services that we received from him and his office as the matter had been resolved expeditiously. 

We certainly would recommend Chad Johnson.

-Larry, 2013

Excellent lawyer

Chad was very responsive to our needs. The fact that he drove from Denver to Greeley to review our problem first hand was amazing!. His knowledge is excellent and his ability to explain to us in terms that we can understand is a great attribute and most appreciated. He is excellent in always communicating with us and always instills a feeling of honest concern about our case while taking the time to explain all of our options and listening to any questions we may have. For anyone looking for a lawyer you would be well served to talk with Mr. Chad Johnson as his knowledge and great integrity well give comfort to you during what can be very intimidating circumstances.

-Eric, 2014

Excellent advice; Highly recommended!!!!

Chad has been extremely helpful in helping us resolve a potential lien issue to our property. His knowledge and advice on contractual law is amazing. We would highly recommend him to review your case and find the most cost effective resolution possible. THANKS CHAD!!!

-Frank, 2014

Trustworthy and honest!

Chad Johnson was professional, informative and attentive with my case. He handled himself very well and throughout a long drawn out case I felt as if my case had his full attention, at all times. I would highly recommend Chad!

-Ashleigh, 2014


During the duration of my case, Chad was steadfast about staying in touch and keeping me informed with the pertinent happenings. Always, ready and willing to explain the specifics of even the most complicated matter. I would certainly recommend Chad Johnson.

-Mike, 2014

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