Johnson Law typically helps clients in Colorado that have suffered one or more of the following building defects:

  • Expansive or collapsing soils
  • Foundation movement and defects (structural movement)
  • Slab movement and defects
  • Stucco cracking or other stucco defects
  • Grading and drainage defects
  • Roofing defects
  • Framing defects
  • Drywall cracks
  • Siding, stone, brick other building envelope defects
  • Window flashing and other window installation defects
  • Construction without permits
  • Construction in violation of building codes
  • Construction in violation of zoning codes
  • Construction in violation of fire codes

Click here to learn more about our approach to assisting homeowners and other property owners through construction defect claims and cases. Almost all home and other building defects fall into two categories: poor workmanship and design defects.

Poor Workmanship

This results in the vast majority of construction defect claims. Often, Colorado general contractors or developers of a home or project fail to properly supervise their subcontractors or lack an adequate understanding of the building code in order to effectively do so. Even worse, in an effort to maximize profits, the general contractor or developer hires subcontractors who provide the lowest possible bid. That often means a subcontractor that utilizes day laborers rather than skilled experienced construction professionals to perform a specific trade. Or, it means that a subcontractor must cut corners on your home in order to break even on its low bid.

                                          Denver Construction Defect Attorney

A common construction defect that we frequently see is for the building wrap of the structure to be installed behind flashing rendering the flashing useless. It takes no more effort to install the building wrap over the vertical leg of the flashing to create a “shower-curtain effect” to properly shed water away from the structure as intended. Failing to create this “shower-curtain effect” by integrating the building wrap and flashings allows water to make contact with the wall sheathing, structural framing and other building components thereby causing extensive water damage, rot, and possibly mold over time.

Design Problems

While design problems are far less common than poor workmanship, design mistakes can include failing to specify certain flashings and other necessary components of the building envelope, structure, and foundation. Historically, we have seen design mistakes result in larger problems in the multi-family condominium setting although they can and do exist in single family homes.

A common mistake in the design of Colorado homes is the foundation design. Colorado has many areas where soils expand underneath a newly-dug foundation. If the foundation is not properly designed to accommodate the expansive soils, an expensive foundation re-design and repair will most likely be necessary.

Johnson Law’s highly experienced construction defect attorneys handle complex construction defect litigation all over Colorado. To schedule a free consultation regarding a construction defect issue, contact Johnson Law.