Johnson Law would be happy to discuss co-counseling a case with you.

  • Perhaps you are a lawyer or firm who has taken on a construction defect or real estate nondisclosure case that appeared to be manageable upon intake. Suddenly you have realized that you are spending far too much time dealing with the opposing party’s relentless motions and need to get back to your core client base.
  • Maybe you are unsure if the case you are evaluating is worth taking.
  • Maybe you need some support and guidance on which types of experts are necessary and appropriate for your case.
  • Maybe you have limited resources to finance a case or limited interest in handling the particular type of case before you.

In any of those instances, and many others not listed, you may feel it’s in the best interest of your clients to bring Johnson Law in on the case.

Johnson Law offers flexible co-counsel arrangements. We can provide limited oversight and direction on how to effectively and efficiently handle certain cases, we can manage the technical aspects of the case while you maintain contact with your client, we can take over the case as our own and keep you in the loop, or we can do anything in between. We pride ourselves in adding value to construction defect and real estate cases, leaving you and your client as receiving a net-positive from Johnson Law’s involvement.

Whether you refer a client or co-counsel with us, our commitment remains the same. Our years of experience with successful verdicts, awards, and settlements give the client the best opportunity to achieve a quick and fair resolution of the case.

For further information or to discuss a particular case, please email us at [email protected] or call 303.586.4829.