As one of Colorado’s leading construction and real estate law firms, we have handled many significant court cases, trials, arbitrations, and have been a part of many successful settlements. Many of them have not been posted on this site due to confidentiality and ongoing claims. Johnson Law does not guarantee any results. Each case is unique and will have unique results.

  • $2,876,000.00 Settlement with Colorado Builder and Developer

Johnson Law represented the owners of 20 townhomes located within 3 buildings in Denver, Colorado. One of the homeowners contacted Johnson law with concerns about stucco and roof leaks. Johnson Law hired experts to investigate the buildings and found that in addition to the stucco and roofs needing full replacements, that repairs were also necessary to driveways, firewalls, flooring, doors, windows, brick, siding, and many other elements of construction of the townhome buildings. Johnson Law experts coordinated with defense experts and the case settled quickly in an amount that allows all 20 homeowners to make proper repairs, along with pay for all attorney fees and costs.

  • $2,103,000.00 Settlement Plus Repairs With Several Colorado Builders and Key Product Manufacturer

Johnson Law represented the owners of approximately 15 homes for defects in their home and the products incorporated into their homes. Johnson Law brought claims and cases against the national builders that sold the homes and a key manufacturer of the defective products. After winning several important motions in the courts and extensive negotiations, Johnson Law’s clients received the necessary repairs, paid housing while repairs were made, significant per diem payments while displaced, plus the cash settlement listed above.

  • $2,085,000.00 Construction Defect Settlement With Colorado Builder and Subcontractors

Johnson Law represented 11 homeowners in Castle Rock, Colorado in a construction defect case against a builder, its owner, and approximately 40 subcontractors related to defective concrete decks, stucco, and other defects. The trial court initially dismissed the case based on the builder’s contract but Johnson Law attorneys successfully appealed. Case settled prior to trial for $2,085,000.00.

  • $1,945,000.00  Construction Defect Settlement With Colorado Developer, General Contractor, Architect, and Key Subcontractors

Johnson Law represented the owners of a five-townhome building in the lower highlands / Jefferson Park area of Denver, Colorado. The building suffered from leaking roofs, grading and drainage defects, siding defects, HVAC defects, and other various defects. Johnson Law sent CDARA notices of claims on behalf of our clients to the general contractor, developer, roofer, HVAC subcontractor, and architect. The construction professionals made no offers to our clients in response to the CDARA notices and one attorney for the defendants called the claims “frivolous.” We pushed forward with the lawsuit, that included a detailed expert investigation and depositions of the defendants and their experts. The total cost of repair to the building was estimated at $400,000.00-$1,300,000.00 between defense experts and our clients’ experts. Even as trial approached, many of the defendants remained steadfast with their unreasonable positions. Johnson Law attorneys recommended pushing forward towards trial. One week before trial a final settlement was reached with the last remaining defendants. The total settlements recovered for our clients was over $1,945,000.00.

  • $1,500,000.00 Real Estate Nondisclosure Settlement With Seller and Seller’s Real Estate Agent

Johnson Law represented the purchasers of a home in Broomfield, Colorado for the seller’s failure to disclose substantial construction defects in the home. The defendants in this case denied all wrongdoing until Johnson Law began discovery and threatened sanctions against the defendants and their attorneys. In depositions, Johnson Law attorneys were able to get the seller to admit his fraud and establish that the seller’s real estate agent had knowledge of the defects as well. Seller and Seller’s real estate agent’s combined settlements were $1,500,000.00.

  • Boulder County Homeowners Association Reaches Confidential Construction Defect and Design Defect Settlement for against Builder, Developer, and Architect

Johnson Law represented an HOA in Boulder County, Colorado. After the board president contacted Johnson Law, Johnson Law retained experts that found defects in drainage, driveways, paving, stucco, siding, trim, stone, windows, roofs, and fire protection. Johnson Law’s experts preliminarily estimated the cost to repair to be well over a million dollars. However, after securing enough votes to initiate litigation amongst the HOA members, the defense offered enough money that the HOA decided to accept and avoid a lawsuit.

  • $1,100,000.00 Construction Defect Settlement

Johnson Law represented the owners of a custom home in rural Colorado. After a hard-fought case that lasted several years, the combined settlement amount between the builder, engineers, and key subcontractors was $1.1m and well over the cost to build the home.

  • $1,018,000.00 Construction Defect Settlement For Foundation and Slab Defects Against National Builder

Johnson Law represented the owners of five neighboring homes in a suburb of Denver, Colorado. Each homeowner experienced varying degrees of foundation and/or slab movement. Total settlements (including the reasonable value of one homeowners’ repair-based settlement) were over $1,018,000.00 and well in excess of the construction costs experts determined would be necessary to repair the homes.

  • $787,000.00 Combined Settlements With Builders, Engineers, and Subcontractors to Repair Custom Home

Johnson Law represented a couple in the front range of Colorado area that had a custom home built. The home suffered from a variety of defects including a serious error in the structural engineering, along with roof and window leaks. All builders, engineers, and subcontractors denied liability. Johnson Law was forced to bring suit against dozens of entities and individuals that aggressively defended the case. In the end, even the most aggressive defendants and their lawyers relented and paid the Homeowners a total of $787,000.00 before trial.

  • $600,000.00+ Construction Defect Settlement With Builder and Developer

Johnson Law represented several owners of townhomes with a party wall agreement in Denver, Colorado with various defects related to soils movement of their floors, heating, cooling, and water damage due to defectively installed windows, siding, and flashing. Johnson Law attorneys negotiated a settlement relatively early in the case which allowed the homeowners to make the necessary repairs, along with having the builder and developer pay the homeowners’ fees and costs.

  • $535,000.00 Construction Defect Settlement and Award with Engineer and Builder

Johnson Law represented an elderly couple on the western slope of Colorado. They purchased a modest home in order to house themselves and some family members that helped them during their golden years. The builder and engineer made several critical mistakes in the designing and building of the home. Even worse yet, the builder’s lawyers didn’t understand the first thing about construction defect law and valued the defect claims at $1,000.00-$5,000.00. After settling with the engineer for a reasonable amount, Johnson Law took the case to arbitration hearing and exposed corruption in the builder’s operations, and very questionable conduct with the lawyers and experts representing the particular builder. The arbitrator’s award was sufficient to repair the home and pay the attorney fees and costs.

  • Confidential Settlement Plus $259,383.10 Judgment

Johnson Law represented the owners of a townhome in Denver, Colorado. After settling the claims with the developer, general contractor, architect, and engineer for a very significant amount, the homeowners pushed forward with their case against two key subcontractors. Counsel for the subcontractors and Johnson Law attorneys submitted written briefs on the subcontractors’ liability and damages. The judge ordered judgment in favor of the homeowners for $259,383.10. The entire judgment plus interest was eventually paid.

  • $415,000.00 Construction Defect, Breach of Contract, and Mechanics’ Lien Trust Fund Settlement With Mountain Builder

Johnson Law represented the owners of a second home outside of Breckenridge, Colorado. The home was half built and well behind schedule when the builder began to double charge for certain items. Johnson Law attorneys got involved and advised the clients on how to terminate their contract with their builder and get it finished by a trustworthy builder. The trustworthy builders that reviewed the project advised the owners of substantial construction defects including a foundation that was not built to plans, unsafe decks, and lack of building wrap behind the custom log siding. The cost to repair was approximately $243,000.00. Johnson Law secured a settlement of $415,000.00 a few weeks before trial.

  • $400,000.00 Settlement For Defective Roofs on 18 Townhomes

Johnson Law represented the owners of 18 townhomes with a party wall agreement in Denver, Colorado. The homes were having leaks due to a defective installation of a GACO roofing product on their flat roofs. Johnson Law was able to resolve the case without filing a lawsuit for an amount greater than the full cost of replacement of the roofs, attorney fees, and expert costs.

  • $375,000.00 Construction Defect Settlement With National Builder

Johnson Law represented a couple in Castle Rock, Colorado in a construction defect case against a national builder. The couple’s home experienced foundation failure within 1 year of purchasing the home. The builder denied the extent of defects and real cost of repair. After the first two days of the arbitration hearing, the builder increased their offer to an acceptable amount and the case settled.

  • $350,000.00 Construction Defect Settlement On Single Family Home Pop Top Case

Johnson Law represented a family of homeowners in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Our experts determined the builder failed to follow structural engineering plans, among other defects, when adding a second floor addition on a home that was purchased for $223,000.00 Case settled for $350,000.00 a few months before trial.

  • $207,481.37 Arbitration Win Against Taylor Morrison

A disabled veteran and his spouse purchased a home from Taylor Morrison in Thornton, Colorado. Our clients requested a few limited repairs and for Taylor Morrison to provide the options they selected and paid for during the purchase process. Taylor Morrison and its attorneys refused to act reasonably. The homeowners and Johnson Law hired experts to evaluate construction of the home, which opined that construction defects existed costing approximately $200,000.00 to repair. Taylor Morrison provided varying offers of about $20,000.00 and/or limited repairs to the homeowners throughout the course of the arbitration. The arbitrator issued a final award of $207,481.37 to our deserving clients.

  • $170,650 Settlement Plus Buyback With Real Estate Agent / Fix and Flipper For Construction Defects and Nondisclosure

A young professional couple bought a fix and flipped home in the Baker neighborhood in Denver, Colorado. They noticed problems with the home soon after moving in. Johnson Law brought claims against the fix and flipper, real estate agent, real estate brokerage, and contractors that performed the work. The settlement was amazing for the young couple as they were paid $170,650.00 plus the fix and flipper purchased the home back for significantly more than they paid for it, so they did not have to pay for any repairs. They later bought a beautiful defect-free home.

  • $154,701.00 Arbitration Victory For Construction Defects and Failure to Disclose Against Aspen View Homes d/b/a Horizon View Homes n/k/a View Homes

A military family purchased a home from Aspen View Homes d/b/a/ Horizon View Homes (“HVH”) HVH failed to disclose substantial water damage that occurred during construction along with other defects in construction. HVH’s failure to remediate and disclose the water damage led to extensive mold in the Home. A few weeks before the arbitration hearing, HVH offered $36,000.00 to resolve the case. The final award was $154,701.00, which included our clients’ attorney fees and costs. The award was converted to a judgment and used to lien properties owned by HVH across the state of Colorado until the judgment was paid.

  • $125,000.00 Settlement for Defective Roof

A  couple in Littleton had their mid-century modern home re-roofed by a negligent contractor. Because the roof was installed improperly, condensation rotted structural beams and caused mold to infest the home. While the roof installed by the contractor only costed the homeowners $13,000.00, the resultant damage was significant. The eventual settlement was $125,000.00.

  • $115,000.00 Construction Defect Settlement With National Builder

The homeowners in this matter purchased a home in Green Valley Ranch from a large national builder. The punch list that was promised to be finished before they moved in, then shortly after they moved in, was never finished. The homeowners tried very hard to work with their builder but after more than a year of no work being performed, finally called Johnson Law. Johnson Law secured a $115,000.00 settlement for various punch list issues and construction defects prior to the arbitration hearing.

  • Repair Based Settlement on Residential Duplex

A couple that owned a duplex unit contacted Johnson Law because of the defects in their home located by a forensic engineer. Johnson Law wrote a few letters and the builder of the duplex agreed to perform all repairs identified by the homeowners’ engineer, subject to the inspection by the engineer. One hundred percent of the repairs, engineering, and inspection costs were paid by the builder.

Johnson Law has many other significant victories, settlements, and happy clients. Please contact us to discuss your particular case.