Johnson Law is handling Weyerhaeuser Joist Formaldehyde Claims and Cases

Johnson Law has been recently contacted from dozens of Colorado homeowners to investigate claims against Weyerhaeuser and other potentially liable parties for the installation of Weyerhaeuser’s fire protection coating product, Flak Jacket®, to floor joists.

The Flak Jacket® coating was applied to floor joists installed in many new homes in Colorado and is causing risk of formaldehyde poisoning to the occupants. Occupants with the affected product in their home have been advised to move out as soon as possible to avoid exposure and seek medical attention if their symptoms persist.

Unfortunately, despite several large national homebuilders knowing about the issue for weeks, not all homeowners were told immediately, and the builders have done very little to assist displaced homeowners. Many homeowners were advised by their builder to move out immediately, but have been given no assurances their home will receive proper repairs, or that the affected homeowners will receive fair compensation for their hotel stays, medical bills, loss of home value, and everything else they are entitled to under Colorado law.

Johnson Law is working with homeowners all over Colorado to assist them with getting temporary housing and reaching fair resolutions with Weyerhaeuser and other potentially liable parties. There is a possibility this becomes a class-action case.

If you would like to find out more information about retaining a construction defect attorney to assist with Weyerhaeuser floor joist claims, please send us an email at (for fastest response) or give us a call at 303.586.4829. Johnson Law represents homeowners all across Colorado in construction defect cases with flexible fee agreements, including contingency fees.


  • Natalie Lynch

    This is good and important work. We all need to be more aware of the toxins coming into our homes.

  • Kelly Hohnholz

    It also made some of us in the industry (I’m a home inspector) I’ll from being around it. This stuff is bad news.

  • Andrew Pace

    My company offers a testing system to determine formaldehyde off gassing from specific surfaces without disrupting the surface itself. Its the ONLY test of its kind in North America and can produce off gassing results in 30 minutes and is accurate down to 1 ppb. Absolutely unique. After an air test determines there is a formaldehyde problem, we come in and test specific surfaces quickly and inexpensively, so that the correct surfaces can be remediated and not waste time and money on the surfaces that are unaffected.

  • Keleigh Thompson

    It looks as though some builders have elected to replace joists, I.e. Richmond and Cal Atlantic are two I know of. Any others? I have clients who are have a home built (not with Richmond or Cal Atlantic) due this fall and they want the joists replaced rather than sealed (which has be the builders current solution). Do you have a list of builders and how they’re each addressing the issue.

  • Shelly Kaye

    Even if these floor joists are removed, how much of the toxin has been absorbed by other materials in the home only to be re-emitted later. It reminds me of a smoker, even if they are not actively smoking, they smell like they are.

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